Exploding Manhole Cover Shoots Fiat Into The Air


Driving in rainy conditions presents all kinds of risks, but one you probably haven’t considered before relates to manhole covers.

While manhole covers should be secured to the road, they can sometimes get displaced by water and that’s exactly what happened in Hungary recently, badly damaging a Fiat Punto.

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The footage shows the hatch driving along a residential road and as it passes over a manhole cover, the cover suddenly lifts up, slamming into the underside of the car. The force of this impact briefly lifts the car up onto two wheels before it slams back down onto the pavement.

The video was shared to Reddit and according to a user, the storm drain and sewer network couldn’t handle all of the water and the pressure lifted up the manhole cover. Apparently, the force of the manhole cover hitting the underside of the car was enough to deploy the airbags. It is also claimed that the cover hit and damaged the engine.

The video stops shortly after the impact is replayed in slow-motion and it is unclear what happened next. However, if the engine was indeed damaged, the car’s owner would probably have had to arrange for it to be towed away.

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