The Fiat Multipla Might Just Be The Quirkiest Car Ever Made


The Fiat Multipla is one of the ugliest vehicles ever designed and Doug DeMuro recently had the opportunity to test it out, discovering a plethora of weird features that you may not know about.

The first thing that strikes you about the Multipla is the utterly bizarre exterior. For whatever reason, Fiat’s designers thought it would be a good idea to create a minivan that looked unlike any other vehicle on the road. While they should be applauded for making something a little different, the Multipla simply isn’t a good looking car.

Perhaps the most bizarre angle is the front where there is a short hood and a bizarre bulge at the base of the windshield. This bulge houses the Fiat badge and includes separate lights for the high beams. The sides are also weird where the windows look massively out of proportion from the rest of the body. The taillights are also a really odd shape.

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The strange design choices continue into the cabin. While the Fiat Multipla is roughly the same length as a Mini Cooper, it is a six-seater as it features three seats in the front row and three in the rear thanks to its wider stance. However, the quirkiest area of the cabin is the center control stack made from a piece of cheap plastic that houses the instrument cluster, climate vents, HVAC controls, light switches, radio, a cupholder, and a gear shifter. It is completely nonsensical.

The Fiat Multipla was never sold in the United States meaning it is a very rare thing to see on the road. Towards the end of the review, DeMuro has the opportunity to drive it and is actually impressed with what he finds, noting that it has excellent visibility and is quite enjoyable to drive.

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