What Does Designer Frank Stephenson Think Of These New GTA V Cars?


Grand Theft Auto 6 will not be released anytime soon but GTA V retains a loyal fan base and automotive designer Frank Stephenson recently sat down to speak about some of the intriguing cars found in the latest Los Santos Tuners content update for the game.

Unlike most racing games, the developers of Grand Theft Auto don’t pay to license real-life cars and instead design their own cars. While some of these cars are unique, most are copies of real cars that have only been tweaked. In this clip, Stephenson talks about some of the most intriguing.

One of the first cars featured is the Weeny Issi that is a direct rip-off of the Mini which Stephenson actually designed. It looks absolutely horrible, due in part to the Porsche-inspired headlights that look seriously odd. Stephenson admits that he is “offended” by the Issi’s design.

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Next up is the Progen T20. Viewed from the front, it has quite a unique look but from the side, shares many of its key design elements with the McLaren P1, a car that Stephenson also designed. The similarities are particularly obvious from the rear with a similarly-shaped grille but taillights that are far less attractive than those of the McLaren.

There are some other hilarious new cars featured in the Los Santos Tuners pack. One is the oddly-named Karin Calico which looks virtually identical to the sixth-generation Toyota Celica.

Interestingly, there is actually a car that Stephenson believes looks better than the original. It is dubbed the Dinka Jester RR and has a design inspired by the current Toyota Supra. The designer says the GTA V car has a more cohesive design than the Supra.

In case you missed the previous episode where Stephenson reacted to the GTA V car designs, check out the video below.

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